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We stay fully abreast of all cutting-edge techniques and materials as they become available to our industry, these include but are not limited to:

1) Ellis/PCL/Image is a manufacturer of industrial coatings. They offer a complete line of products geared specifically towards the self-storage market and, more exactly, toward the roll-up doors associated with these facilities.The most popular being the Doorguard 4300 system. It consists of a solvent-based sealer/primer and solvent-based polyurethane top-coat. Varying degrees of expected serviceable life are offered and correspond to their respective door-coating systems.

2) PPG Industries has a similar and more competitively priced alternative to the Ellis/PCL/Image system.

With more than 10 years of solid experience in the self-storage painting/maintenance field, we have developed methods that produce a stellar quality paint job with none or extremely little of the damage that can easily be the result of hiring under-qualified, under-experienced painting outfits.

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